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Would you like to be guided by 70 top feminine experts in how to flourish in relationships, health, sexuality, parenting, spirituality & business?

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Discover how to:

  • Awaken your Inner Healer
  • Activate Your Feminine Power
  • ​Manifest the Partner of your Dreams
  • ​Build Stronger Emotional Intelligence
  • ​Master Feminine Led Business & Leave a Legacy
  • ​Discover your Natural Intuition and Psychic Abilities

The Feminine is Rising
The World is changing

We are in an incredible time in humanity right now, and one of the keys to this, is the feminine inside of us all waking up to discover her natural and inherent leadership.

We need a new generation where healthy feminine characteristics are being seen and showcased inside of global male and female bodied leaders. 

We are in an exciting time to be alive, and with this online symposium, you will get a chance to learn from some of the best of the best to support you in becoming more whole, alive and capable to of sharing your gifts in this world. 

During this Online Feminine Symposium 
You will have Access to all of these 

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🔹 Awaken Your Psychic Gifts
🔹 What Do I Most Deeply Want? Tapping Into the Soul 

To shift the structures of what is present, we need to awaken to a new way of leading and stepping into true embodied power that feels the fullness of life!

When the feminine inside of us all can feel safe to express “her” wisdom and leadership, then humanity will truly awaken and step forward into a whole new paradigm of existence. 
Come join over 60 world class presenters sharing their wisdom, insight and personal experiences into embodying and awakening divine feminine leadership.

This will be done via zoom, with thousands of both women and men joining from all over the world to come discover what healthy embodied feminine leadership can look and feel like from these presenters.


  • INCREDIBLE: Interactive Workshops from over 70 World Class Presenters
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  • EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY:  Join the Integrated Feminine Online FB Community to share, interact and meet others from around the globe
  • EXPERIENCE: An opening & closing ceremony with LIVE music
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE: Receive one 60-120 minute workshop from each presenter that will support & empower your feminine integration & leadership in the world! 

Meet your Presenters 

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Teacher & Workshop Descriptions





Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Author, Tantra Master and Mystic. She lived in Osho’s physical presence for many years and received direct transmissions from him on Meditation and Tantra. She is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realization through a wide range of Seminars, Retreats, Trainings and Online Courses.

Women’s Spiritual Path

Discover how women’s empowerment is opposite and yet complimentary to the masculine. Participate in the ‘Goddess Essence Meditation,’ offering a direct transmission and experience of the feminine spiritual path. We conclude our gathering with questions, answers and a blessing.

Chantelle Raven

Chantelle Raven is a world renowned Tantra teacher and practitioner, with a focus on Spirituality, Sexuality and Truth. 

She is known internationally for her unique way of exploring embodied awakening and balancing the nervous system for healing and improving relationships.

As the creator of Eliyah Tantra School, Raven synthesizes her wealth of knowledge and experience into books, blogs, podcasts, You Tube videos, online courses and retreats. 

Balancing the Feminine Archetypes

Most women are over polarized in one archetype, and this can change depending on the outer reality.  
For instance, you may be running too much warrior energy and overly in the “doing”. Or, you may be running too much lover energy and overly in the “flow” or obsessed with relationship. 
What would it feel like to have a balance of warrior (purpose), lover (trust), magician (alchemy), father (witness) and Queen (sovereignty) consistently irrespective of your outer reality? 

When a woman is balanced in her archetypal energies, she balances her time between play, service, relationship and spiritual practice. She experiences wholeness and magnetises men, abundance and opportunities towards her. She moves from princess to QUEEN. 
Join Raven for this initiation into your Queendom.


Kashira is a life coach, Speaker, social media content creator and storyteller.

Through developing our relationship with ourselves we can go on to forge deeper, healthier and happy meaningful relationships in the external world as well accomplishing our goals with a heightened sense of security in our capabilities and capacity for resilience.

From Self Sabotage to Self love 

Over the last decade I've worked (somewhat tirelessly at times!) on my own relationship with self sabotage and toward the illusive art of self love. 
Drugs, codependancy, eating disorders, toxic relationships, self harm, chronic illness and missed opportunities. At times I came to feel like I was just royally fucked up. How was it possible that I seemed to fall into every unhealthy trap life had to offer? 

Until I recognized the common thread, these were not a series of unfortunate events I that I had the bad luck of falling into but rather a pattern I was seeking out routed in my own poor relationship with self. 
In this workshop I will take you on the journey that changed my life and share the strategies that I use to take me from relying on outside sources for value and happiness to building a strong inner core from which empowered action and connection is born.


In her “SoulShine Journeys”, Marla is a passionate advocate for mental, spiritual and physical wellness and chooses to offer inspiration and guidance to those who are seeking more joy and harmony in their lives. Whether it’s a path to healthy living through clean food choices or pausing for a moment to invoke a spiritual connection, Marla loves to offer a path to a fullness of life experiences.

SoulShine Journeys: Power of Love & Non-Judgment

I look forward to sharing some of the opportunities I've had in my life experiences in which I've used love and higher wisdom to break through challenges and judgements. How can each of us be a beacon of light to help open hearts and bring more love into the world? I am happy to lead a meditation and prayer to help facilitate this light we all have and bring interconnectivity and peace. I would love to offer open conversations with attendees regarding where they are challenged or hurting, and offer helpful suggestions to awaken a more joyful life. 

Sydney Campos

Sydney Campos is a Psychic Healer, Visionary, Energy and Embodiment Expert and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney offers guidance to all who are called to live consciously and fulfill their soul purpose with playfulness, authenticity and mastery. 

Awaken Your Psychic Gifts

Awaken Your Psychic Gifts is an immersive workshop that will guide you to connect with your inner guidance, inner truth and innate wisdom that wants to shine through as a key leader of your divinely designed life in total alignment with your purpose and embodiment of your sacred gifts. This container will gather to receive a potent healing energy transmission that will connect you with your heart and intuitive sensitivity, you will learn key ways to support your awakening of your psychic gifts and ways to master the art of receptivity and we will have space for Q+A discussion allowing for intimate exploration within our sacred group. 

Rainbeau Mars

Rainbeau Mars is one of Hollywood’s most sought after natural health and wellness experts. As part of her mission to inspire, transform, and heal, the former face of adidas launched two lifestyle brands: Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles, a one-stop shop for enhancing your life naturally, and I Live Oil, a partnership with doTERRA Essential Oils to empower a healer in every home. 

Awakening with Sexual Alchemy

Join us for an experiential gathering as we harmonize the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within while cultivating our Divine Partnership with our highest Self. In this workshop we'll journey through the altars of the Heart, Body and Mind by alchemizing our sexual energies with breath, sound, movement and plant medicines. By sublimating desire we can align the merits of our heart and awaken to our fullest expression of love and optimal being.

Aaron Kleinerman

Aaron Kleinerman is a Transformational Sex and Relationship Coach, Facilitator & Speaker. He is the lead male teacher for Eliyah Tantra School, a Tantric Practioner, and creator of ‘The Conscious Mans Guide to the Bedroom.’ He has learned from the great masters in the field of sexuality and transformation, including earning a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Aaron went from being a licensed captain navigating ships to a sexual behavior and movement specialist navigating souls.  His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality.  He speaks and teaches honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence.  Aaron’s mastery as a teacher provides the practical tools everyone needs to implement embodied awakened intelligence into daily life.

Awaken the Inner Queen

There is a Queen inside of all of us.
Whether you are in a Male body or Female body.
In this workshop, we will dive into the areas of your life where you have not been showing up in your Queendom.
We will feel all the pain, struggle and sacrifice, and transmute all of it to thrown you properly on your Queen’s chair.
Come for a fun, interative, experiential journey into the heart of your Inner Queen.
Be willing to confront your shadow.
Be willing to let go of all aspects of yourself that are no longer serving.
It’s time to awaken the Queen inside.. she has been waiting a long time to be seen, heard and received.
See you there

Naia Leigh

Naia is a Women's Transformational Guide and the Founder of Boundless Method: a Subconscious and Soul-Level Re-patterning. She empowers women through supporting the emergence of greater personal power, soulful leadership, and sacred sexuality. Her mission is to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are, and support a new feminine leadership in the world.

Healing the Priestess Lineages

Who is the priestess, why is she making a comeback at this pinnacle time, codes of the preistess-hood, what happened to them/why do they/we need healing, how do we heal and embody the preist/preistess again for the greater good of the planet. 

Rosie Rees

Rosie Rees is a leading Sex & Relationship Coach, founder of crystal sex toy company 'Yoni Pleasure Palace' and creator of the well-known three hour Women's Nude Yoga workshop, 'Naked Awakening'. After ditching her vibrator in 2013, Rosie decided to create an online shop dedicated to slowing down self pleasure and prioritising pelvic floor wellness. Rosie stands for normalizing nudity, #sensualeating and having a strong healthy pelvic floor!

Yoni Egg Awakening 

In this 60 minute workshop, Rosie Rees will guide you through a journey of deepening your connection with your yoni through a gentle, empowering and feminine Yoni Egg practice. Rosie will share different ways to connect to your pelvic floor through breath, sound and movement, whilst using a Yoni Egg to re-sensitize your vagina. 

Elena Bensonoff

Elena Bensonoff is an award-winning holistic practitioner, consultant pharmacist and the founder of Wholistic, Inc, sharing her gift for healing for over 20 years. Using her clinical skills and medical intuition, Elena has been able to support clients in reducing stress, ending digestive issues, overcoming chronic illnesses and more. Elena is the author of Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer.

Access Your Inner Healer 

 We are facing a chronic illness epidemic… and our medical system is failing us with false promises and “quick fix” pills.

That is why I’m sharing my wisdom about subtle energy to help you discover how to listen to your body. You’ll learn how to perform simple muscle tests on yourself to identify food intolerances, emotional imbalances, Chakra imbalances, and more! 

Cynthia Kersey

Cynthia Kersey is the best-selling author of "Unstoppable" and founder & CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation whose mission is to ensure that every child on the planet has access to an education. 

She provides individuals with a practical action plan on how they can expand their business, create customer evangelists and become invigorated about their life and business by integrating generosity into their business model.

Be a Force for Good & Skyrocket your Business 

Cynthia distills the wisdom from top business leaders and visionaries and provides practical information on how entrepreneurs and organizations can do really well by becoming an unstoppable force for good. Key Take aways: 
 - Why giving MUST be a part of your operating system in your organization.
 - The most effective, yet counter intuitive strategies for building positive brand awareness and strengthening customer loyalty.
 - The key to exponentially growing revenues and profit while earning respect in your industry.
• The greatest financial advice for growing your business from a billionaire who become the leading investment advisor of the 20th Century.

Christine Hassler

Christine is a Master Coach with over 15 years of experience. She blends practical advice with compassion to guide people and is known for her ability to intuitively laser in on whatever issue is blocking someone. She began her career as a Hollywood agent and was called into personal development work after her own very-well-planned life fell apart. She lives in Austin with her husband who she spent nearly a decade calling in.

How to Attract a Healthy Masculine Man

If you are single and want to call in a conscious, healthy masculine man or are struggling to stay in a relationship because you want to be with a man who is “doing the work” then don’t miss this workshop! Christine will share the process of how she called in epic, conscious love at 40 (while running a 7-figure business) after a broken engagement in her twenties, followed by a divorce in her early thirties. She will teach you how to attract a healthy, masculine man without giving up your power. 

 You will learn:
- The “lies” you have been told about what it means to be feminine and what you must do to attract a man
- How to get out of old patterns and let go of old hearbreaks that are blocking love
- The truth about what really calls in sacred union with the healthy masculine
- How to harness your feminine energy in a way that is irresistible to men and natural for you
- Tools for integrating your inner masculine so that your inner feminine and masculine work in harmony
- Why you are not “too intimidating, too much or not enough
- Specific strategies for calling in love because he is out there!

Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos is a trained educator and relationships expert with a background in behavioral science. He is passionate about leading people closer to their highest potential and each
other. Stefanos’ philosophy merges the best of eastern and western methodologies to promote spiritual balance and empower people in life and love. From trauma release to navigating the
murky waters of modern masculinity to helping women understand the men in their lives, he helps people escape negative patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self.
Stefanos has worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life; special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, elite fighters, and everyday people have relied on him to restructure and reframe their relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

Masculinity & Femininity - What do we really know

In this workshop we unpack both femininity and masculinity in expression and in intimacy. This workshop is largely based around Q&A on the deeper topics of conscious relating and polarity. Ask Stefanos whatever you desire. 

Sia Hu Heka

Sia Hu Heka is an international visionary, leader, ceremonialist, and midwife of the Soul. Her life is devoted to the Glory of Planetary Evolution. Sia provides magical spaces to support individuals to connect to their instinctual wisdom. These sacred spaces allow the recognition, love, and integration of forgotten and repressed aspects of their being. 

The Mother & The Whore 

The Mother & The Whore archetype show us how to return to our inner authority and wisdom. In this offering you will:

* Receive the gifts and the shadow they hold
* Explore ways to trust your whore and be held by the wisdom of your inner mother. 
* Discover the initiatory qualities both have.
* Welcome these archetypes inside of you and your life
* Find out how these 2 archetypes can help you to birth the fire of your soul into a new earth.

Nicole Costerus

Nicole is the founder of Women of Ancient Futures, Soul leader, keeper of psychic, mediumistic and shamanic arts and lover of life. Her work offers a space to return to a deep communion with life, allow a remembrance of your highly and deeply intuitive nature and hold a full permission for the wildness of your soul to be set free on this planet.

The Mother & The Whore

The Mother & The Whore archetype show us how to return to our inner authority and wisdom. In this offering you will:

* Receive the gifts and the shadow they hold
* Explore ways to trust your whore and be held by the wisdom of your inner mother. 
* Discover the initiatory qualities both have.
* Welcome these archetypes inside of you and your life
* Find out how these 2 archetypes can help you to birth the fire of your soul into a new earth.

Katrina Ruth

Katrina Ruth is a writer based on the Gold Coast. When she isn't furiously unleashing her true message, she is running her multi-million dollar / year online coaching business.. 

Katrina is known as a ‘Content Queen’ who just doesn’t stop. She believes that you CAN have it all, on your terms, so long as you’re willing to get honest with yourself about what you’re really here to do in the world, and then do the work / ‘press play’.

Becoming Who You've Been Waiting To Be

You've always known who you are meant to be, and what you came to do in the world. You do have a destiny, you have a purpose, there’s a mission that you are here to fulfil, and it has ALWAYS been right there inside of you for you to say yes to.  

Over time you’ve been conditioned to think that it’s out of reach, hard to attain, in some way separate to who you are, or that you are just not ready. 

Well the truth is (and you do know this on a soul level) that none of THAT is true and that everything that you see and feel inside of you is available now. 
In this workshop event with 8-Figure Soul-Led CEO Katrina Ruth, you will learn exactly how to flick the switch, to energetically become who you've been waiting to be, and bring to life everything that that version of you knows gets to transpire!

Jasmeen Hana

Jasmeen Hana empowers beings from around the world to step into their authentic nature and innocent expression. Raised in Egypt she has been influenced by the temple arts from a young age. Jasmeen teaches at the Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience retreat with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) , she also offers Blue Lotus retreats , women’s empowerment and Egyptian Mystery school work.

The Feminine Forces of Nature from Egypt

A shamanic journey with and through the embodied wisdom of the main Egyptian Feminine forces of Nature, Isis- Hathor- Maat- Nut- Sekhmet and Nephthys. 

How to work with nature and deeply integrate and embody these forces into everyday life such as managing finances, bleeding, sexuality, emotional intelligence and working with intuition, relating with the masculine and relationship to magic as a fellow creator. These two hours will be a deeply integrative and deeply in insightful journey into the Nature within a female body and her spirit. 

Zoe Swain

Zoé Swain is a sexuality coach, embodiment practitioner, and business visionary who brings pleasure and liberation to anyone who hungers for awakening. She has an effortless authenticity that makes her easy to relate to, and a delightful ability to intuitively cut through the BS! She is the manifestation of both strength and softness, power and sensuality; an embodied transmission of the masculine and feminine fully intertwined.

The Invokatress - Women & Embodied Business

If you desire to level up your business, whether that means starting from scratch, or building on what you have already created, this is for you. 

Are you ready to completely transform the way you create, teach, market, and brand yourself? Do you desire to learn how to make sales in a loving and authentic way? 
In this online workshop, I will guide you to the strategies and tools that will maximise your impact, while minimising your 'push' and stress. It's time to find your brand, clarify your message, and be the embodiment of your work. 
I deeply desire to help you to bring your transmission from an embodied place so your ideal clients are magnetised to you. I will show you how to stand up and hold your value so that you can fully show up and command the money you desire, in exchange for your brilliance. 
More ease and flow in your business. More money, less pain. More integration and conviction to bring the full power to your offerings. 

If you have even the tiniest spark of an idea, or a fully fledged business you wish was making more, and you are ready to receive support, presence and validation to follow through and create your business, you are ready for this.

Anna Yusim

Dr. Anna Yusim is a Stanford- and Yale-educated psychiatrist and the best-selling author of Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life. In her quest to master the healing arts, she has lived and worked in over 60 countries, while studying Kabbalah, learning Buddhist meditation, and working with South American shamans and Indian gurus. 

What Do I Most Deeply Want? Tapping Into the Soul 

Having worked with over 1500 individuals as a psychiatrist in Manhattan, Dr. Anna Yusim consistently sees brilliant, powerful women seeking to realize their highest destiny. What every woman most deeply wants is unique to her, but it usually entails some combination of the following:

--cultivating her authenticity
--feeling healthy and alive each day
--feeling connected to a higher power
--unleashing her unique talents and gifts
--finding constructive ways of be of service of others
--achieving greater abundance and purpose in her career and all of life
--fostering intimate, supportive and passionate romantic relationships
--finding balance between her personal and professional life

This participatory workshop, which will blend the psychological and the spiritual, will entail guided meditations, stream-of-consciousness writing and group exercises to take participants deep into their own souls. Listening to the still quiet voice that can only be heard when the mind and heart are temporarily still, we will ask the probing questions that define us: who would I be without fear? What would I do if nothing stood in my way? What is holding me back from being the best version of my life? How do I “Level Up”? And, perhaps most importantly, how do I manifest the above while consistently holding space for self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Nadine Lee 

Nadine Lee is a teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts, Mentor & Transformational Catalyst. She is highly gifted in seeing others potentials & helping them unlock this. She is the founder of the Tantric Alchemy School of Awakened Arts - offering Trainings, Mentorships & Online Courses empowering female leaders in Sexuality & Spirituality.

Orgasms & the Erotic Archetypes 

During Orgasms and the Erotic Archetypes with Feminine Tantric Arts teacher Nadine Lee, you will learn all about different types of orgasms & what feminine archetypes are awakened through each. Awakening your feminine power happens in the body, specifically in the Yoni & Womb, and during this workshop you will have a direct experience of this. You will be guided through a self yoni healing massage so please be prepared for this, bring coconut oil, & your favourite self pleasure tool. Videos will be turned OFF for this section. 

Malaika MaVeena Darville

Malaika is an International Movement Facilitator. She brings a wealth of earth wisdom having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime.
Across the globe, she is known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body spirituality, helping all who practice with her to access to higher realms of consciousness, authenticity, and Self Love.

Wild Woman Awakening

 Awakening The Wild Authentic, Raw unapologetic Feminine power that resides in your creative womb space is designed to give you tools to bring your intentions and desires into reality by using your body as a vessel for empowerment and transformation. We will be moving your body so be comfortable. 

Elfriede van der Sanden 

Since 10 years I am sharing womens work with so much passion. Fasciliating events is my souls mission. From the beginning I felt such a magic and ease in this. It is as if I am uplifted and guided by something beyond myself.
I have a background and certification in the Healing Tao arts and have a lot of experience in the tantric field. Organiser of the Tantra Festival Amsterdam, Tantric Dance teacher and nowadays aligned with priestess work.

Honoring the Dark - A Priestess ritual

Its time to honour the dark. It has been ages that 'the dark' has been seen as something evil. Those two actually are absolutely NOT the same. The dark is a very healthy and needed aspect of life. Its about our primal power, our animal instinct and the night time. The era has come that is ready to embrace both dark AND light. What is it in you that you still reject or suppress? By revealing and hounoring all those parts, we get whole and we are ready to incarnate our Soul fully in our roots and body.
This ritual has different aspects: meditation, dance/movement/shaking, constellation work and prayer.

Zapheria Bell 

As seeker on the path of guiding Souls home to themselves Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of the Womb. Personally supporting people release past wounds, traumas, patterning and lineage wounds and Collectively raising the vibration of the World Womb to a level that welcomes the Diamond Souls (high vibrational beings) to birth into the world at this Imperative time.

Conscious Conception of a Project or a Baby 

In this workshop we will explore what it means to use the gifts of the Womb to Consciously conceive and birth into the world our Soul projects, Babies and also the greater aspect of Ourselves. Zapheria will then guide you in to a shamanic ritual process to call in that which you are choosing to Consciously Conceive and birth at this time. All bodies are welcome in this workshop - it is beyond the physical aspect of the Womb and is tapping in to the energetic aspect that we ALL have access to.  

Sigourney Weldon

Sigourney Belle is an International Bestselling Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Spiritual Teacher & THE Founder and Director of The Wildgrace Movement & The Dark Empire. 

She is a Pioneer and Evolutionary Leader, Here to change the paradigm of Business to be FEMININE LED & IN DEEP CONNECTION AND REVERENCE TO THE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS OF NATURE & THE PLANET. 

Feminine Led Business 

For a business to thrive, be magnetic and sustainable, it needs to come from a space of authenticity and truth - a space that can only be accessed through deep listening to the bodies intelligence. 

During this one hour webinar, I will guide a process that will attune you to the Feminine Frequency & the space of deep creation - the cosmic womb- where ideas & creations are birthed from. 

Anna Maria Magdalena

Anna Maria has been walking the path of shamanic and elemental womb wisdom for over a decade - living & training with indigenous grandmothers, master healers, taoist tantrikas & temple arts priestesses of many lineages. She is the founder of the women's mystery school Earth Priestess Temple Arts trainings, in deep passion to re-bridge the right use of sacred sexual energy with the self-sourcing relation of elemental ceremony and prayer. 

Feminine Force of the Elements 

Root deep into the essence of Mother Earth's life-force through principles, practises & ritual. Reconnect your self-sourcing relation with the forces of pacha mama, the water, wind, fire & Spirit with energy alignment teachings, vitality embodiment movement & sacred song of prayer for the Earth.

Lauren Harkness

Lauren Harkness is the Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute, Dakini and Advanced Elite Certified Tantra Educator, Orgasmic Meditation Instructor, trained in the D/s art, Graduate of the SWA, Jewelry Designer, Seductress, and a stand for everyone ready to heal and further ignite their sexual self, sovereign and free! She teaches Tantra and other modalities of healing and growth. She teaches large group classes and works with private clients.

Sensual Alchemy-A Yoni/Heart Ritual  

Sensual Alchemy is the practice of taking our internal fire and channeling it towards both healing and expansion of pleasure and higher consciousness. A combination of breath work, 7 chakra exercises to awaken each center, and a demo of a personal practice you can do daily. Following, the Ritual will include a guided Sensual Magic practice to co-create with your body and the universe. For women, we will be opening your sacral center and the place of receiving. For men, we will be opening your heart chakra and the place of receiving. Creating a complete circuit of energy in the group.


Vanessa is a writer, mentor, artist, speaker and creator known for her unapologetic authenticity, and potent wisdom.

Founder of Dancing Eros, co-founder of Celebrating Sexuality Festival and women's spoken word event Mother Tongue, all her work centralises around the themes of empowerment, spirituality, sexuality, healing, intimacy, relating, mental health, creativity and leadership.

Return to the Mother

In our time together we will dive into exploring our relationship the mother and how we can return to her

- Heal codependent relating (why men are unconsciously needy or angry with women and women unconsciously rejecting or enable men)
- restore love and purity to our eroticism and sex.
- Come into unconditional love for real.
- be more whole, safe and secure in yourself and the world
and much more!

Petia Kolibova

Petia Kolibova is a women’s transformation coach who helps women who have been pushed down and been playing it small due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma to create a life that is true to them and their soul purpose.

She pairs feminine flow with strategic planning to give entrepreneurs immense clarity + exact steps to transition from side-hustler to CEO.

How to Become Unapologetically Worthy  

Ready to change your life?

What would it feel like if instead of Amazon, the Universe knocked on your door delivering all of your desires?
Wouldn’t that be so much fun? Picture it, you get really clear on your desires and you know why you want it and how it will positively impact you and those around your life. And then a few days (these times, maybe weeks) later you have it, are it, you are living it! I know you are doing all the work…. You are journaling, meditating, listening to the podcasts, downloading freebies on a weekly basis, and yet, what you desire still isn’t here. There is a missing piece in this magical life puzzle. That piece that no one tells you about, because acknowledging that you or they don’t have it would make you feel less than, and you would have to put your walls down. So you keep pretending on the outside all is well. Yet, on the inside you know something is missing. 
And that piece is feeling WORTHY

Not just like your usual morning affirmations where you look into the mirror and say, girl you are good.
That UNAPOLOGETIC WORTHY that comes from your core, your inner knowing that is unshakeable and unstoppable! That UNAPOLOGETIC part of you where you declare you are good enough and it makes you magnetic to all of your desires. When I realized that without this missing piece no amount of work will get you there, I knew I had to do this for you. I created something I desperately needed, but I just didn’t know it was THIS. Inside you’ll get access to the videos and worksheets that will let you spread those wings and fly!

We will go over the feminine flow, allowing, learning how to receive and feel worthy of all of your desires. 

W - What do I know to be true about myself?

O - Obstacles you have overcome?

R - Ready NOW to ... Do, Accept, or Change

T - Thankful for...?

H - Higher Self Connection, Alignment, and Relationship

Y - You deserve to Be/Do/Have what you desire because…

EJ Love

EJ Love is a Self-Love, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and the Author of the International Bestselling Book ‘Become the One’ which guides readers to heal from co-dependent relationships and into deep self-love and conscious relating. 

Her current focus is on supporting other career driven women, coaches and entrepreneurs to have the love and intimacy they really want whilst living their purpose to the fullest. 

Deep Intimacy Initiation

This workshop is specifically designed for those who consider themselves very career driven or high achievers that have sacrificed love and intimacy for purpose and success. You may be a teacher, leader, coach or entrepreneur and you deeply desire to have way more intimacy in your life, but are holding some kind of block or fear to fully experiencing this.   

EJ will take you through the following: 

1: Identifying your Unconscious Intimacy Fears that have been blocking you from allowing it fully in.

2: Releasing your Protective Roles: such as the High Achiever, Leader and Caretaker (the part of these roles that have kept you safe)
3: Creating your New Intimacy Blueprint:
Where you feel safe to receive what you actually want and won’t sabotage it or push it away when it shows up in your reality!

Elisha Sophia

Elisha Sophia specialises in facilitating deep healing, integrating light and shadow work, awakening human potential and guiding others into the truth of who they are. Elisha is known for her radical honest, fierce compassion, true embodiment and a pioneer in wellness industry.

Owning Your Voice

Owning your voice: self-expression, power & true embodied confidence.

This workshop is for any women ready to step more into their expression & confidence. Including re-patterning so that you can return to your core essence. We are living in a time that requires leaders, embodied women to speak their truth and dissolve the conditioned self, release any shame, guilt, fear of owning our voice. Join me for a fun, deeply, healing, explorative workshop.

Alea Lovely 

I'm Alea Lovely and I'm a Spiritual teacher, Podcast host of SPIRITUAL SHIT and Energy coach. I help people discover and move past their blocks through empathetic energy healing, mediumship, channeling, writing and mentorship.

Embracing your Intuition through Surrender 

Intuition is difficult to receive when we are used to being in the masculine/yang energy, which is what we have been taught to value. However Intuition thrives when we learn how to position ourselves and listen to our Feminine energetic/yin energy and surrender to the messages we are often times unknowingly receiving. 

This workshop teaches you not only how to receive those messages but how to listen with discernment through surrendering our agendas we are seeking answers on. 

KamalaDevi McClure

KamalaDevi McClure (aka KD, Pronouns: they/them) is a pansexual, genderqueer, tantric mentor, speaker, and author of seven books. Their family appeared in Showtime’s hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married & Dating. KamalaDevi travels around the world teaching sexual shamanism as a lead facilitator for ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and their mission is to awaken artists, healers, and visionaries to become love leaders around the world.

The Inner Marriage: 
Be the Beloved 

As you know, we can only love others to the degree we love ourselves. But do you love ALL PARTS of yourself, or just the parts you identify with. Do you look to others, seeking to fulfill the underdeveloped aspects of your own psyche. Are you projecting your unmet needs onto your relationships, leading to patterns of painful disillusions?
How would you like to embrace disowned qualities, and explore hidden aspects of yourself which leads to healthy more fulfilling relationships. We will identify the mature and immature masculine and feminine qualities, as well as illuminate the paradoxical relationship between your inner God and your inner animal.

 Through visualizations, dyads and self inquiry, we can meet each other/ourselves in the highest version of ourselves.

Kelly Rennie

International Fitness expert Kelly Rennie is a personal trainer, mother, model and author of best seller "Busy Mum Syndrome".

Kelly lives local in the Gold Coast, leading in the fitness industry and specialising in training Busy Mums & Women Online. She has gained respect from many people in the health and fitness industry as someone who is hardworking, dedicated and inspirational. Also been praised by Kate Middleton for her one of her programs.

Ultimate Health & Fitness For Mums 

Teaching Mums or Busy Women how to take action with their health & fitness

Janine Ma-Reee

Janine Ma-Ree has a passion for the feminine mysteries, the holy dark and the path of the mystic. 
She created the Shamanic Womb Journey work, is lead faculty with ISTA and part of their Wisdom Circle, lead facilitator at Highden Mystery School and offers other workshops as they emerge.

Janine has been facilitating transformational spaces for over 25 years.

The Third Feminine Initiation - Ecstatic Crone 


The feminine has 3 powerful blood initiations, her first menstrual blood, giving birth (physical or energetic) and transformation of the moon blood to internal wisdom - menopause.

A lot is known about the maiden and mother archetypes. The more hidden and forbidden are the mature archetypes of the feminine that collectively make up the crone. Archetypes like the Medicine Woman, Wise Womban, Creative Muse, Eccentric Adventurer, Wild Witch, Mystic Lover, Juicy Crone and Death Hag. 

Is it possible that just like the potential of ecstatic menstruation, ecstatic birth and ecstatic death there is also ecstatic menopause? 

This is an invitation to demystify and transform this rite of passage from the old stories and experiences. A combination of sharing and experiential to invoke, meet, and embody the ecstatic crone energies. To create new reference points of juicy, alive, vibrant, embodied wise women who have integrated the crone into their being and the gifts she holds and offers.

Darya Haitoglou

Darya Haitoglou is a psychologist, director of Virginia Satir Institute in the UK, an experienced facilitator who creates safe and confidential space to explore the deeper layers beyond cognitive intellect. She is particularly skilled at noticing nuances in body-language that lead to transformations and bring in insight to hidden dynamics in relating. For more information about Darya visit 

Systemic Family Constellations  

A practical workshop to explore the hidden dynamics of family and business challenges based on the work of Virginia Satir (Pioneer in Systemic Family Therapy).

Ramya Jade

Ramya Jade is a passionate & fiercely loving leader & advocate for feminine empowerment in both men & women.

Founder of Liberated Woman, Ramya Jade holds space from a deeply embodied & lived in wisdom.

Her sensual essence & teachings have been culminated over the past 13 years where she's specialized in the realms of sacred sexuality, somatic embodiment, emotional therapy, energetic healing, archetypal & feminine initiation rituals & practises.

The Erotic Heart 

A powerful Women’s only workshop designed specifically for women who are ready to claim their erotic nature & activate their hearts fullest potential.

In this workshop you will gain a deeper connection to your feminine essence & learn the power of ritual practise & embodiment tools to integrate the power of your heart & your sex into liberation!

Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. She offers sexual health and awareness courses throughout the world. 

For over a decade, she's hosted a weekly podcast and has starred in three independent award winning films. She is a Lead Faculty member for ISTA and her other major passion is Radical Life Extension.

Surrender as a Practice 

Often women say, 'Where are all the great men?" 

Laurie will share tips to alchemize your power and magnetism so you can attract a partner who meets you!

Komala Lyra

Mystic gypsy, dakini, adventurer, artist, author, Ayurveda Yoga Tantra Educator, ISTA Lead Faculty... 

Komala loves to create, dare a bit further every day, not knowing is the most intimate... 

Women Who See In The Dark

This is a process of inquiry, depth and creativity...
Piercing the veils that maintain our believes and separations...
Transforming our "stories" into theater, movement, artistic expression, voice, communication skills, playfulness... 
Unleashing full blast creative power... integrating body, heart, soul as one flow... Even if you only have a glimpse, it is enough... This imprint will stay with you and will become your core guidance 
Darkness receives all and gives you... Dare to dive!

Abergale Bremner

Death, Descent & Reclaiming Our Feminine Power 

Join Matilda Carroll & Abergale Bremner on this interactive journey of descent into the Goddess. This is a beautiful opportunity and safe space for you to explore and descend into your innate feminine nature. We will begin with a discussion around death, sharing our personal stories followed by an embodied initiation ritual that will support you to unlock more of your sacred feminine wisdom. 


Matilda is a new breed of Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Medicine Woman, Anchoring in the Divine Feminine light into the world. 
She is a modern day mystic dedicated to the awakening and rising of the collective into their higher purpose, living embodied truth. 
She is dedicated to empowering all beings on the path to sovereignty, awakening and aiding others to connect with their medicine and gifts.

Matilda brings humans back to their natural states of existence,
 in the remembrance of who they really are, through Ancient Healing Wisdom and facilitation to support powerful transformations. 
These are powerfully expressed through the modalities of Breathwork, Tantric practices, Quantum Healing, Shamanic Medicines and Sacred Sexuality. 
A truth seeker at heart, she educates and empowers all those who are willing to listen to come back into their own innate power.

Death, Descent & Reclaiming Our Feminine Power 

Join Matilda Carroll & Abergale Bremner on this interactive journey of descent into the Goddess. This is a beautiful opportunity and safe space for you to explore and descend into your innate feminine nature. We will begin with a discussion around death, sharing our personal stories followed by an embodied initiation ritual that will support you to unlock more of your sacred feminine wisdom. 

Lin Holmquist

Lin Holmquist is one of Sweden's foremost sex therapists. She started her journey with the traditional shamanism of the indigenous Swedish tradition, later she spent many years in India studying yoga, tantra and meditation. After a powerful kundalini awakening Lin has followed the path of love and pleasure and she shares her revelations around the globe.

Yoni Activation

Yoni activation is a powerful meditation that releases old programming from your genitals and opens your yoni to be a portal to powerful pleasure, vulnerable insights and deep connection to the divine. 

Kaya Levin

Kaya Levin is a new age weaver who takes woman and men through initiation journeys and rites of passages back to their innocent magic.
She travels the world creating transformational portals and rituals, working with forces between the realms and combining them with modern world philosophies. She’s anchored in feminine mysteries, sexual liberation and sorcery.

Modern Witchcraft, Rebirthing Our Heritage

An instructional ritual on how to use the wisdom and magick of our ancestors for our lives today. We’ve all come from lineages of sorcerers and naturalists who listened to nature’s signs to guide their lives, who lived in symphony with what was given to them and used it to for the greater good.

Witchcraft, the art of transforming reality in accordance with will, is an art that we all have in our blood and listening to the unique time on earth, wants to be reawoken and remembered.
This offering is a revival of the ancient mysteries retuned with modern ways of living, an honourence to life’s natural circle and a homage to death as a guide to living.

Abby Branson 

Abby Branson is a uniquely trained Tantric practitioner, kundalini Yoga teacher and women’s embodiment coach.

She has successfully created a life based around freedom, service and meaning and her biggest gift is teaching others to do the same. 

Currently in a new chapter of life, navigating the journey of maiden to mother 

Maiden to Mother 

The biggest initiation a women will under go in her lifetime is her transformation into motherhood. 

The shedding of her belief systems, the breaking down of the old paradigms of who she is, the burning of what once was- to then emerge from the ashes as a women whom can understand so deeply the death and re-birth cycle. 

This workshop/talk will be an understanding of surrender to this cycle and a how to guide at navigating these unknown waters. 

We will be talking about the death of the “too good or ideal mother” , 
A practice to release fear and judgement through the pregnancy process,
 and a powerful ritual to enhance our connection to our inner wisdom and inner mother. 

Clare Elizabeth Dea

Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic influencer working internationally as a spiritual comedian, singer, author and creative business mentor. Working with creatives, coaches and healers for many years, Clare identified one major challenge with all her clients, their relationship with money. Clare is extremely passionate to help you have a sober relationship with money and unlock your feminine money codes. 

Unlock Your Feminine Money Codes 

Unlock Your Feminine Money Codes

Would you love to have a sober relationship with money? We will dive deep into spiritual and practical financial tools so your feminine flow can be held by masculine structure. If you take inspired action from this workshop, you will develop a peace and clarity around your finances that you haven't experienced before. 

Alice Hong

Alice is a transformation catalyst that supports people to reclaim the wild wisdom of their bodies, cultivate unshakable self love and say a full YES to their lives. She has led workshops for thousands of people around the world and is the creatrix of UnTamed: Wild Feminine, Wild Women Gatherings, numerous online programs. Alice also offers private mentorship in the areas of intimacy, sacred sexuality, tantra and embodiement.

UnTamed: Wild Feminine

Your full, uncensored self is welcome here. As woman, many of us have been told that our emotions are too much and we have been silenced for fear of judgement, made ourselves small to keep others comfortable, or have learned to express our emotions in an overexaggerated way to get the love we desire. 

There is another way. Behind every emotion is wisdom and an aspect inside ourselves that is yearning to be heard, seen and witnessed. By embracing our emotions and giving them a welcome space to first be expressed, moved and truly received, we can then access the layers of truth, tenderness and wisdom that lies beneath the stories that are associated with that emotion and reclaim our feelings in an empowered way. 

Amir & Alice

Amir Suissa & Alice Hong have been sharing love and life since they met in Bali in 2016. They are passionate about leading transformational workshops in the field of intimacy and relationships. Inspired by tantra, shamanism, plant medicine and embodiment, they offer brave spaces for men and women to experience and express their fullest selves. 

Emotions UnCensored

In this workshop, men and women come together for a powerful, revealing and raw experience. We create a space for deep healing and understanding between the genders. Women are invited to be in their fullest, uncensored emotional expression in relation to the masculine in ways they never have done before. Men do their work by being fully present to the range of emotions that women experience and uncovering the places within themselves where they have contributed to the distortion of the masculine and feminine. Collectively we dive into the experience of women in the world and the ways in which the feminine and masculine relate.

Xavier De Forceville

 “Living a Sacred life with clear Loving intention as a constant choice.“
Xavier is a powerful Love Warrior dedicating his life to being a channel through which Love can manifest. He is passionate about sacred sexuality, financial abundance, presence, shamanism and the power of the divine Masculine and Feminine. 

A Mens Journey into Sacred Feminine Power

An epic journey into discovering how a man can become much more powerful and loving by awakening his inner feminine. 

In these powerful times of change and transformation, supporting a man in awakening his inner Sacred Feminine while still keeping his Sacred Masculinity is an amazing journey I am passionate about.
Together, we will create a fun mix of experience sharing and easy embodiment exercises to anchor this symbiosis. 
We will practice becoming more sensitive and more powerful at the same time and support each other in leading by example the raise of consciousness toward more love, freedom and self empowerment in the world we co create.   

Caitlyn Cook

Caitlyn Cook is a writer, artist, and embodied spirituality practitioner. Working in the
field of self-love, body-image, sexuality, and relationships, Caitlyn's 1:1 online sessions help people reclaim wholeness, peace, and power. Her practice centres on mindfulness, soul psychology, sacred sexuality, and energy/shamanic healing. Caitlyn also organises Bwiti Initiations, co-creates All1Union global mass meditations and is an ISTA apprentice.

Feel It to Heal It: a Flow-In-Stillness Meditation

The world is fast, our mind is often fast, and even our spiritual practices can be fast too. There is a beauty in dynamism, movement, and expression, but what happens when we REALLY hold SPACE for the feminine without 'doing' anything, just witnessing?

Can you feel the movement within you, even in total stillness? To heal it, we must be able to feel it. The feminine loves SPACE to feel, without necessarily being guided, purged, managed or 'maintained'. Let's give her the space and see what she brings us. She cannot be coaxed, she cannot be told what to do. She comes when she's ready, when she feels the vibration of welcoming. And then her gifts, healing, and opening come...

In this exploration and practice, we come to experience the fullness of stillness. The natural (not forced) release in simply witnessing. FEELING energy rather than guiding the experience with our mind. Awakening our infinite sensitivity to open to information from the subtle realms. Tuning into our intuitive intelligence and supra-mind knowing.

Meditation will never be the same again...

Shaunna Williams 

Shaunna Williams, The Mystical Minister is a spiritual leader of our generation to support us in breaking through the ways of the old paradigms or the old world. 

Shaunna is an expert in clearing shame and unworthiness, sexual trauma and healing, healing ancestral wounds and re-patterning family relationships.

The Sovereign Womb: Transmuting Collective Pain

In this workshop we will look at the many ways the womb space has been held captive by self, others and society. We will journey through our own pain, suffering and ways we have perpetuated historical harms and the pain, suffering and ways the world at large perpetuates theses harms. We will move through this expertly facilitated journey that will be a mix of power-point lecture, journal prompts and embodiment exercises. We will discover how through a sovereign womb we create the space for womb justice(phrase coined by Jedaya Barboza)and what that means. We will close the journey with a higher self meditation where we claim sovereignty over our wombs. There will be time at the end for Q&A.

Winter Jade Icely

Winter is an international teacher, writer and facilitator in the realms of the mystical arts, sexuality and dark embodiment. Holding a deep connection with magic Winter offers a powerful transmission of the inner worlds and invites you to step outside formed notions of reality into a life of enchantment. Winter has a deep calling to bring forth the temples of the new earth, to create spaces that penetrate worlds, that merge spirit and matter.

Lifting the Veils; The Mystical Feminine

Reject the reality of everything.
Deny the universe of appearance.
Say no to the phenomenal world.
Reside in the secret place inside.
(Lorin Roche)

Lifting The Veils takes you into the inherent magic of the feminine in all beings. Journey with your own intuitive, shamanic knowing into worlds within worlds.  

This workshop asks the question; 
How do we live an enchanted life?  
How do we connect with the subtle realms of existence both inside and out?

The universe speaks through the language of intuition and the feminine in bodies is a gateway to this mystical intelligence. Through the body, consciousness and our heart, we too can remember this ancient way of being and knowing.  

Winter will escort you home to the true nature of reality; magic.  
Unlock your inner witch, shaman, mystic or seer. Free yourself from the constraints of a concrete reality and enter the world beyond separation.  

Tara Meegan

Eliyah Tantra School Manager and teacher, Tara is dedicated to connecting women & women around the world to the wisdom of Tantra, so they may live their birthright - a life of joy, ease, power and pleasure.  

The Gift Within Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the two-leading causes of disability worldwide yet are most commonly dealt with via pills and some psychology - if you’re lucky. The biggest problem with this approach is that it supresses and numbs the emotional body, therefore denying the opportunity to work with these energies for healing, growth and integration into power.  

Tara will be sharing key tools and processes that when applied to depression and anxiety, opens a pathway to remembering who you truly are, releasing past conditioning and embracing the gifts that these energies have to offer. Come learn how to claim your power back as a loveable, worthy and capable human being.

Sanna Sanita

Sanna Sanita has 23 years of spiritual/personal exploration. She believes in wisdom by direct experience and all she teaches is embodied. Sanna travels the world sharing through workshops, trainings, and 1:1´s. She´s the founder of PranaSanna- Neurotransformative Breathwork and De-armouring arts/training school. She wishes that people are waking up to their own power and living a life chosen uniquely from within. 

Pleasure & Devotional Pussy Power 

Let's gather sister. You/I/We. Come and vibrate in the depth of your pleasure and beyond. Through simple guided practices you will explore how you can tune in and turn on yourself in every day, at every situation, by your choice and will. Learn the simple secrets of relaxed arousal. To purr like a cat and how to dive into the mystery of devotion. Simple, sacred, and designed for the modern woman.

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna

Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna is a holistic doctor, Spiritual Healer and Mentor, Author and Feminine Artist. She is the founder of Conscious Feminine Medicine inc, a non-profit organization offering pay by the heart programs to help women awaken to the Feminine, and heal on all levels.

She is also the founder of School of Conscious Feminine Medicine offering Feminine Healership programs, supporting women to contribute their true medicine in the world.

 New Era Feminine Sovereignty:
You are the Medicine

We are in the time of Great Change... and the Great Awakening, where we are entering a new Era of Feminine Sovereignty... a time where we can return, reclaim and reawaken to the inherent, ecstatic, blissful Feminine Essence within and manifest that reality in our world. Let's take a deep dive and directly experience the hidden 'Secret of the Feminine'... and discover the sacred power that lives within you... that is You.You are the Medicine... and you have everything you need to heal and to free yourself from pain and suffering and begin orienting from Ecstatic Joy and Bliss! 

Aurika Valan

Aurika Valan is a Women’s Sexuality Coach & Facilitator. She is the creatrix of the Heroine’s Journey into Sexual Awakening—a breakthrough 1on1 experience for women to intentionally reclaim their natural sexuality. 

Aurika is driven by creating safe & transformational spaces for people to experience their unfiltered Truth & awaken consciousness in their sexuality. Who are we in our naked essence we once we strip away our perceived limitations?

 Pleasure Anatomy & Yoni Healing Self-Massage

This workshop will provide the sexual atlas to revolutionise your love life. It is going to be an integrated 2-part experience where you will not only get a “map” to navigate through the mystery of Female sexuality but also partake in a hands-on guided journey to embody this revolutionary information.

In the first part, we will explore Female pleasure in terms of anatomy in order to better attune to our needs, desires, and boundaries. Here, instead of fumbling around in the dark (quite literally) hoping to get things “right”, we will be able to instead choose to own our experience of pleasure.

In the second part, we will create a safe space and go on a guided hands-on journey in order to not only to get to know our pleasure anatomy practically but also learn fundamental tools in order to re-sensitise the yoni. 

This workshop is for each woman ready to reclaim her natural aliveness in her yoni, body, and life as a whole. Our genitals hold the necessary codes and our orgasmicness is the missing piece to activate them. 

[It is okay if you decide to come just for the first part and feel into whether you are ready to join for the second one.]

Erin Fowler

Erin is an award winning dancer/choreographer and musician. She is a certified Qoya feminine movement teacher, as well as the Temple Dance Facilitator for many of the Eliyah Tantra School events and retreats, with whom she works closely. She also regularly facilitates women's circles, courses and other sacred gatherings. Her theatrical background invites a sense of richness and creativity in the spaces she holds. 

QOYA Feminine Movement Workshop

Australian dancer and certified Qoya teacher, Erin Fowler will be leading participants through the Qoya feminine movement practice. We are working with feminine energies in this practice however all genders and abilities are welcome. 
Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember that our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free also draws reference to the movement forms that we practice. Wise calling on the wisdom of yoga, wild the creative expression in dance and free invites us to expand our capacity for pleasure in the body. In Qoya, we focus on how it feels, not how it looks. There is no way to do it "right"-- the only way you know is that it feels good. There are no levels and you don't need any movement or dance experience to participate. 

Taheera Tucker

Taheera Ma’at is a Clinically Trained Therapist, Spiritual Alchemist, Shamanic Priestess , Metaphysician, and Medicine Woman who helps people get to the next level of their spiritual evolution by being the portal to help them to break free psychological slavery. 

Quantum Sexual Healing 

Quantum Sexual Healing is a workshop designed to Master your Sexual Energy therefore coming into self love and balance. In this 2 hr. Workshop, you will realign to ancient technologies that have been suppressed. This includes awakening kundalini, healing the sacral chakra, learning to process traumas, to realign to Source/ Goddess Energy.

Nikki Rhodes

Nikki Rhodes is a passionate advocate for authentic relating. She believes that a positive sexual education is our birth-right and coaches both men and women in all things sex and relationship related. She facilitates workshops and is an international speaker at various festivals and retreats.  

Nikki is an inspiring entrepreneur and is the co-founder of NZ Spirit Festival an annual alcohol-free wellness, yoga, camping and music festival.

Navigating Sovereignty as a Mama, Lover and Woman

As women, striking a balance between our longing for connection and purpose, and honouring our desire for sovereignty and freedom can be a delicate balancing act. As Mamas, lovers, employees, entrepreneurs, sisters and daughters, we can, at times, find it difficult to hear the voice of our own inner Woman amongst the noise. This workshop will provide tips, tools and techniques for tuning into your inner guidance and living as a sensual and connected Woman without the Mum guilt or burn out.

Riya Sokol

Riya Sokol - Artist, singer, author of world known viral “Thank you, Coronavirus” video-poem. Awakening and tantric sex coach, vision quest guide and ‘Awaken as Love’ faculty.
Using her voice with groups to sing, speak and silence. Bridging mainstream with spirituality. Her mission is to live a conscious, authentic and integrated life. Self love is the base for that and one her work she uses tools from tantra, shamanism and nature as a medicine.
Her relationship with James became an inspiration to share their growth path with the audience together.

Your Emotions are your Gift 

A woman who knows her value and loves herself is like a work of art of the greatest master. A man who's able to stay present in all conditions is the biggest gift to the universe.
If a woman learns to love her emotions, her hidden POWER will be born and she will start to love herself. When the man knows how to deal with woman's emotions, his presence takes over and he starts to drink from that gift too. 
These two combined can create a world where all is balances. Let's prepare this world for the next generations.  

Emerald May

Emerald’s calling is to support all beings to embody radical self-acceptance and self-expression. Using deep personal enquiry through sexuality as a conduit to this transformational work, she works as a sacred sexuality educator and conscious kink practitioner and is currently training as a sexological bodyworker. Emerald is also co-founder of Vermilion, a wellbeing community based in London, UK and online, that celebrates and cultivates Eros as life force energy. 

Remembering Self: Embodying Boundaries and Desires

Knowing and expressing your boundaries and desires with grounded power, is a foundational piece on your journey to radical and progressive self-acceptance and self-expression. Thus offering you the opportunity to remember who you truly are. This workshop will support you to pause, listen, value and express your body’s innate wisdom. We will facilitate you to align your mind, heart, gut and genitals to connect deeper to your embodied truth, which will open the doors to receiving and giving more pleasure and love from a place of sovereignty. This work is transferable across all areas of your life, where there is interaction with other people, not just in relationship or intimacy. Emerald and Ariane’s interactive workshop will provide you with written reflection exercises, embodiment practises and conversational tools to take with you, for connections in both online and offline spaces. 

Ariane Lalakea

Ariane Lalakea aka PriestessA is sex-positive educator, facilitator, coach and practitioner in the field of sacred sexuality and conscious kink. She is co-founder of BliXX, a conscious sexuality laboratory hosting retreats all around the world. 

Remembering Self: Embodying Boundaries and Desires

Knowing and expressing your boundaries and desires with grounded power, is a foundational piece on your journey to radical and progressive self-acceptance and self-expression. Thus offering you the opportunity to remember who you truly are. This workshop will support you to pause, listen, value and express your body’s innate wisdom. We will facilitate you to align your mind, heart, gut and genitals to connect deeper to your embodied truth, which will open the doors to receiving and giving more pleasure and love from a place of sovereignty. This work is transferable across all areas of your life, where there is interaction with other people, not just in relationship or intimacy. Emerald and Ariane’s interactive workshop will provide you with written reflection exercises, embodiment practises and conversational tools to take with you, for connections in both online and offline spaces. 

Mac Brazina

As a professional Human Builder, Mac believes that life is more than 1 hour in the gym -- it's about The Other 23. She is committed to creating, coaching and curating a community of humans on a journey to be better. Mac spends her days building better humans from the inside out, towards the mastery of their brain, body and being.

The Warrior Woman: how to Be, See, and Embrace her

We will engage in a factual, candid and authentic, dialogue about what it means to embrace, empower and ignite the inner warrior woman -- present in all of us. We will learn how to let our scars bleed gold, and embrace the wisdom they hold. Ultimately with a closing emphasis on the importance of developing a supportive tribe of warrior women. 

Araminta Barbour

ISTA Lead Facilitator, Founder of The Sanctuary Guatemala and The Resilience Journey, Co-Founder of Women Who See in the Dark, Araminta Barbour is here to support the return of ancient temple wisdom and practices for humanity’s evolution as liberated, heart-centered creators.

The Dignity of Desire

To be on track with your inner truth, the sacredness of your desires must be claimed and freed from the fears and judgements of your conditioning. Join Araminta for an adventure into envisioning your expansion and clearing resistance so that you build a solid foundation of soul alignment. 

Dara Stara

Dara Stara is an international speaker, transformational workshop/retreat facilitator, trained tao tantric arts practitioner and voice artist/musician. Leading form her heart, she cuts into the 5 taboos of our society: sex, money, death, truth and power to dissolve what keeps them locked into the matrix of suppression.

Orgasmic Manifesting

Unlocking the 3 feminine creation codes that are hidden deep inside the most powerful force of the universe: our sexuality. Join and play full out with life by opening the pathways to pleasure and inviting pure magic to unfold. We will be dancing with the stars and diving into infinite possibilities in this workshop. This is manifesting on the next level!

Layla El Khadri

Layla El Khadri is an author and Somatic, Embodiment and Feminine Leadership Expert. She is the founder of PRESENCE – The Jedi Training for Leadership, where she merges ancient wisdom with cutting-edge studies for optimizing human potential. Layla’s leadership work is some of the most transformational and activating work available for those ready to take their mindset, emotional intelligence, and embodiment potential to the next level.

Radiance - Activate Your Feminine Power

Every woman has within herself an immense potential to create. When we tap into it at a mental, emotional and physical level and when we learn to activate our human body and harness our female potency, we can create anything we dream of.
In this workshop, Layla will share a blueprint to feminine power. Elegance, grace, presence and power have a neurological and biological recipe. Come learn how to activate it.

Sarah Blackah

Sarah is a female leadership expert who guides conscious entrepreneurs to live in their full expression, vision and joy through advanced intuition, high level create development & women’s embodiment. 

The Evolving Female Leader 

We are undergoing a huge development & evolution as women alive at this unique time in history. 

In this 60 minute workshop we use advance intuitive practises to free ourselves of the conditioning & limitation of gender roles from the past to create a new culturescape that allows women to create and lead in a new way.  

One where they
💫Can bring all parts of themselves to the table - strong, smart & sexy. 
💫 have true clarity & vision 
💫 experience deeper joy, harmony & fulfilment in personal & professional lives 
💫Are deeply connected to their erotic aliveness & radiance while having the courage to be bold and serve humanity through their unique gifts! 
💫 create wealth & communities in new ways

Brinn Nicole

Brinn Nicole has established herself in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer, choreographer and heels teacher for the past 10 years. Credentials include: Snoop Dogg World Tour, Lil Wayne Tour, Jay Sean Tour, PitBull Live Performances, Dancing With The Stars, Nike Commercial, & More. Fully transitioned now into using dance as a “heeling” / healing portal to guide women towards their truest divinity through more intentional movement.

Pumpfidence Presents: Sensual Dance Heeling 

In this workshop, Brinn will be guiding us through a meaningful dance with a divine feminine approach. The choreography will be so well explained for easy digestion. The storyline will be therapeutic, guiding you to use dance + music in this “heeling” portal. Heels are optional but deeply encouraged for a more feminine approach.

Nikki Vescovi

Nikki is a global speaker, author and coach who is passionate about helping you reconnect with your Inner Child. After surviving a plane crash, a truck driving over her car, and her whole family being run down by a drunk driver, she is a Master of Disaster. She understands feelings of fear, inferiority, and isolation. She has helped clients in 24 countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China discover their own unique power of connection.

The Inner Child Healing Journey

Healing your Inner Child is an important gift you give yourself. The courage to do this inner work allows you to move beyond perceived fears, phobias, and insecurities. These patterns sabotage you your entire life. 

This inner work allows you to reconnect with your child within. When you begin to understand your Inner Child, then magic, healing, and transformation can occur. An exciting part of this process is that hidden gifts and aptitudes you lost touch with often emerge. Your relationships improve, and addictions and negative habits will lessen or just drop away.

Fully tap into the gifts and talents of your Inner Child now. Regain personal power and self-confidence. Take care of the child within, and thus your adult self so you can fully enjoy life and have even more fun again.

Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens

My life-long passion has been to guide souls home to love. With my deep reverence for Mumma Gaia and her sacred gifts, I pair these with my intuition and the wisdom of the Akashic Records to bring forth what serves the higher good of all before me. Joy is your natural state- claim it! This life is to be lived with full belly laughs and sexy, old fashioned fun! See you there honeys...let’s dance! 

The Return to Love 

As you open your heart to the divine feminine, you will find yourself weaving a new tapestry for your life. A life where you reclaim your birthright to joy, magic and the miraculous. Walk the sacred inner pathways to your wounding and your light and discover the gifts inherent in each. You will be guided to weave the silken threads of sacred plant medicine (cacao, essential oils, floral and herbal infusions), sacred sound and meditation into the new story of you. Sovereign. Sacred. Sexy. You.  

Amanda Biccum

Amanda Biccum is an Evolutionary Coach and Embodiment Facilitator dedicated to helping individuals discover deeper connections to themselves, their passion and their pleasure.

Sex, Passion & Purpose - Leading from the Feminine

What does it mean to be a Embodied Leader for rebuilding a new earth? 
How can we be both independant and strong while still leading a life of of surrender and pleasure?

In this workshop Sophie and Amanda will deep dive into how to build your empire with pleasure and passion.


Sophie Josephina is a conscious sex & relating coach and masculine/feminine expert. As an ex data scientist, she knows how to walk both worlds, and combines tantra with neuroscience. Her work now focusses on up-leveling both men and women in their relating and their masculine/feminine dynamics. She leads programs for men, women and couples. She also hosts a podcast (Deeper with Sophie Josephina) where she has open and raw conversations with men on their challenge and desires in relating.

Sex, Passion & Purpose - Leading from the Feminine

What does it mean to be a Embodied Leader for rebuilding a new earth? 
How can we be both independant and strong while still leading a life of of surrender and pleasure?

In this workshop Sophie and Amanda will deep dive into how to build your empire with pleasure and passion.

Maia Inti Amaru Balam

Mexican Medicine Woman, Eco Indigenous Activist, Musician, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Dance and Qi Gong facilitator for the last 7 years, Author of the book: "YONI: The transmutation portal between heaven and earth"

 Maia is also self made Tantrika, International DJ, Female embodiment coach & Female Sex, Herbs & Shamanism expert. She is the founder of a Sex Tools line, made to support women's self healing and exploration of self love.

Shamanism, Sex, Self care & Holistic self healing 

In this talk I will share with you how to reclaim your health, power, voice, expression, connection to source and sensuality through: Shamanism, Herbalism, Self care, Tantric tools, boundaries, dance, arts & fundamentally through your diet, thought forms and lifestyle choices. 

Dr Ava Eagle Brown

CEO, Founder, Multi-award-winning International Speaker, Book Coach , Author and Transformation mindset business coach, Dr Ava Eagle Brown is in a class by herself. Featured in The Financial Times, BBC, LBC, Huffington Post, The Belfast Telegraph just to name a few. Her clients have included: Ulster Bank, Citi Bank, HSBC & London Borough of Merton.

Your Start Dictates your End! 

After attending this workshop , you will walk away with tips and tools that can be easily implemented to recycle pain, become more awakened , reshape your purpose and start living your best life.

JB Owen

JB Owen is a fearless female leader and highly successful Megapreneur. She is a world-class speaker, international best-selling author, and powerful business owner. She has created award-winning products, worldwide brands, and published multiple international best sellers whose reach spans the globe to inspire millions.

Igniting Possibilities

How to ignite you life in the areas of health and wellness, business and finance, relationship and parenting, and personal growth. 

LuAn Mitchell

LuAn Mitchell is a Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World, inducted and celebrated in many countries. An award winning business woman, Highly sought after Speaker and coach and an International Best Selling Author. Often called L.A. Ms Mitchell is a featured Global expert in Napoleon Hill Publications as well as many Motivational/Inspirational Movies. L.A. is Co-Owner and President of Big Media USA an international Media Company. 

Success Mastery and Leaving a Legacy

We are at a Crossroads in our feminine diversity and powerful development. Opportunity’s abound - the Time is NOW to seize and celebrate each other and our advancement as one unified body. This is the place you need to be with the Leadership ideals you need to know in order to fast train and launch your Success. 

 Dr. Angelika Christie

Dr. Angelika Christie teaches women how to claim their unapologetic, magnificent Self. Her 30+years of professional and personal experience make her a highly sought after Life Transformation Coach, Mentor, and Speaker on international stages, including Harvard Business School Faculty Club and the Leadership Speaker’s Event at WestPoint Academy, Harvard Club of Boston, and Carnegie Hall.
Angelika enjoys facilitating transformation in women.

How to Prosper on Purpose 

This Workshop has 5 Parts that we cover in 120 Minutes. 
The first part covers "How to Crystalize Your Goals" 
The 2nd part covers "How to Optimize Your Health" 
The 3rd part covers "How to Transform Your Relationships" 
The 4th part covers "How to Empower Yourself Spiritually" 
The 5th part covers "How to Attract Abundant Wealth" 

There will be interactive experiences, exercises, Q/A sessions after each part, and most of all, it will be highly educational, stimulating and fun.

 Sarah-Jane Perman

Sarah-Jane is a spiritual catalyst, transmissionary and agent of awakening. Her work as Womb Alchemist and feminine embodiment guide supports women to reclaim their body as the sovereign vessel for alchemy, sensuality and creation. Her offerings include The Alchemical Womb online school, Sacred Wom(b)an Mystery School and remembrance journeys in Egypt, Bali, and Ibiza

Sovereign Womb Awakening

Every time a woman reconnects to her womb wisdom she awakens her innate power, as medicine woman and creatrix of her reality. As she feels the spark of creation in the inner temple of her being, the pulse of infinite possibilities, the subtle force that she can cultivate and trust that restores her sovereignty regardless of what is whirling in her external reality. She reclaims the power that she had inside all along. In this time of chaos on earth we are invited to descend and dissolve into the deep silence of the void of our womb and to feel what is here. The electricity, the sensuality, the life force, the polarities of inner masculine and feminine that merge to form the current of creation from which we birth our reality. From which we reclaim our freedom no matter how restricted life may seem to be and remember the pure magic that lies inside. 

This workshop is a reclamation. A journey deep into the womb to clear the dross, enliven her energy, and reconnect your inner circuitry as you plug into Earth and Cosmic Womb. Opening to the deep wisdom that is available through your body as the bridge between heaven and earth, the mystery school where we are initiated time and time again. A transmission of light to restore and awaken the sovereign creative power that was always yours, the power that smoulders in the portal of your womb.
Frequently Asked questions
1. Who is this Symposium for?
This event is for all beings.

2. How will the workshop sessions be facilitated? 
Each session has been created by each of these 70 facilitators.
By purchasing this course, you will get access to all the sessions and be able to watch them in the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

3. What do I need to sign up? 
An open mind. A Journal. A willingness to grow and evolve.

4. Do I need any prior "Women's work" experience in order to attend?
No. This symposium is for all levels, and from the wide variety of workshops, you can experience many different teaching styles and techniques.

5. What will be the time setup for the workshops?
Each session will be 60-120 minutes.  When signing up, you can watch one workshop a day for 10 weeks!

6. How Do I access this Symposium?
When you purchase this event, you will get access to the FB Community. Inside of the community will be a live interactive space for the "TRIBE" to connect and communicate together. This will also be the place where all the links for the sessions will be posted and where the recordings are posted.

9. As a Male Body, can I attend and will it be worthwhile for me to attend?
YES! Many of the workshops are for all genders. As a man, you will learn tremendous amounts from all of these teachers and have a deeper experience of your own inner feminine energy.
How do i register?
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